Community Service & Committees

In community service, students are encouraged to engage, contribute and participate in community events, and are made aware of social responsibility and civic engagement. Faculty members design community service projects related to course content and academic majors, and students have the opportunity to apply their learning through these meaningful community service projects. These projects promote critical thinking, problem solving, and relationship building.

AUPP Committees

AUPP Committee for Community Service Programs (CCSP)

The aim of this Committee is to create a platform for AUPP students to participate in various volunteering programs. The Committee strives for participants to grow a stronger sense of social responsibility, leadership, and professionalism. CCSP initiated the Primary School English Teaching Program, where AUPP students volunteer to teach Primary School students the English language. AUPP students gain firsthand experience and guidance from AUPP Professors, allowing them to practice new teaching techniques and explore creative ways to deliver lessons. The CCSP is a vital contributor to the culture of AUPP and serves as the backbone for AUPP students’ community engagement operations.

Events Committee

The AUPP Events Committee consists of students who are dedicated to helping organize and run events for the AUPP community. The Events Committee assists AUPP’s Student Affairs Office with purchases, budget, and facilitation support. In addition, the Events Committee is responsible to generate ideas for student-run events throughout the school year to enhance the participation of the AUPP community.

Leadership and Team-Building Retreats/Workshops

AUPP’s Student Affairs Department organizes a Leadership and Team-Building retreat for Student Government representatives and Club leaders. The overall retreat emphasizes the development of one’s character attributes, qualities, and skills that make up a great leader. Students learn how communication affects dynamics of team-work, decision-making, and critical thinking through a variety of experiential learning-based activities. Through these activities, students are able to expand their perspectives on social dynamics revolving around ideas of power, control, and the realization of systems in our global society. Students from different backgrounds and grade levels get a chance to meet one another, learn from one another, and share their experiences in a co-created learning environment established by their collective camaraderie. Here are a few testimonials from our students who participated in our past Leadership Workshop at VKirirom.

“Leadership is a skill that needs constant polishing. Being a leader means that we are meant to be proactive and open to new knowledge. The world is constantly changing and our knowledge as a leader builds upon this concept. On top of that, it will also be beneficial for the next generation of AUPP leaders as well.”

“The experience was transformational. The workshop was well organized and was designed in such a way that allowed us to learn and enjoy what we learn. We get to further explore our leadership potential and strengthen our bond.”

AUPP Trips

As an essential component to the student experience here at AUPP, AUPP Student Affairs and the Student Government combine forces to organize trips around Cambodia. These trips not only serve as wonderful opportunities for students to experience their rich history, traditions, and landscapes, but also as a chance for continuous growth towards building a welcoming community. Accompanied by faculty and staff, trips allow the AUPP community to share and enjoy one another’s company away from the pressures and stress of classwork and tests. With the purpose to revitalize and cultivate the rich bond among students, trips have become highlights of the AUPP academic year. Trips have ranged from Koh Rong Kirirom, Preah Vihear, and Kep with a new destination in the works as we speak for this upcoming year!