Career Insight and Internship Providers

What does the future after AUPP hold for you?

Is it a Master’s degree or a job? We can help! Our career advising services, internship opportunities, and our network of community businesses will guide your academic achievement into a successful career.

As an AUPP student, you will have the competitive advantage above other applicants for numerous reasons including the following:

  • Prestigious recognition
  • Possible association with a US accredited degree through the dual degree program
  • Interview preparation
  • On-the-job readiness 
  • and more..

Our Internship Providers

AUPP has partnered with both international and national companies and organizations to provide the best opportunities for AUPP students.

After an AUPP student completes their 3rd year they are expected to pursue an internship before they graduate. 

During the first 3 years of their undergraduate program, AUPP students have completed degree related courses and professional development seminars gearing them up for the job market. You will be guided in your research of the market well in advance for opportunities. You will be given professional insights from numerous sectors and departments to guide you in the direction that you want to go.