Academic and Social Clubs (Synergy)

Synergy is about the interaction between students that ensures greater socio-academic progress than the sum of students’ individual progress. It includes the following Student Affairs experiences: student clubs, student events, leadership retreats, community service, residence life, and the Student Government Association.

There are over 20 active clubs currently a part of AUPP Student Life. Find the club that suits you, or create your own. Current students can access the up-to-date list of clubs and join them on our student engagement site.

Academic Clubs

At AUPP, we have a variety of academic clubs. Each club stems from a major offered at AUPP, and offers students the following opportunities:

  • Put theories learned into practice
  • Receive support from other students during club study sessions and your faculty advisors
  • Enhance your resume by being an active member or club leader

Social Clubs

Social clubs at AUPP make things more fun. Show your creativity, meet new people and their culture, and enhance your leadership and team-player skills. The following are a few themes of our social clubs:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Languages
  • Environment
  • And many more!

Sports Clubs

Engage with many of our Sports Clubs and check out our state-of-the-art soccer, basketball, and tennis courts. The following are some benefits of joining a sports club:

  • It promotes healthy competition
  • It teaches self-control and discipline
  • Helps with coping with disappointment
  • Encourages the desire to achieve more