Štefan Tkáč

Štefan Tkáč

Email: [email protected]

Position: Associate Professor and Program Chair of Architecture

Department: Academic Affairs – Civil Engineering and Architecture

Štefan Tkáč is a Chair of Architecture and an associate professor for Civil Engineering program, Associate professor, Ing. arch., PhD., EUR ING.

Since 2018 he has joined at American University of Phnom Penh as an Associate professor. His most significant accomplishment as a professional including:

• Fulbright Visiting Scholar to the University of Arizona – College of Engineering
• Dual Ph.D., from the Technical University of Košice, the Slovak Republic and Chung Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan R.O.C.
• Ph.D. in both the Theory of Designing Buildings and Environment and Civil Engineering.
• CEO of an international architectural company STUDIO Ltd.
• The Technical University of Kosice´s representative in South and the Far East Asia and advisor to the rector’s office for International relationships.
• Founder of the first Slovak academic International Branch Campus
• Head of the Slovak~Taiwan hydro energy research lab
• Author of the first complex mapping of Taiwanese hydropower plants
• The only Slovak member of the Asian Network of Industrial Heritage.

He would describe fairness by keeping the so called clean shield as a value of the contribution to his career path. Probably the best definition of him and his life could be covered by the quote of Ms. Loreena McKennitt who wrote: “Every journey brings its own surprises a challenge a sudden detour a new set of friends along the way, perhaps even a destination different from the one you indeed…”

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