Sovann En

Sovann En

Position: Adjunct Professor
Department: Information Technology – Academic Affairs

    Dr. Sovann En is an Adjunct Professor of Information Technology at AUPP. He is also currently serving as a technical advisor to MPTC and a researcher at CADT.  Before joining MPTC and CADT in May, Dr. En was a senior research scientist at Nuance Communication (Canada) and was responsible for improving the machine learning capability of some of the Powerscribe product suits. Between 2018 to 2020, he served as a computer vision scientist at Stradigi AI where he mainly contributed to the Kepler AI platform.

    Before joining Stradigi AI, Dr. En was a research fellow at the French CNRS and a part-time lecturer at ENSICAEN.

    • Ph.D. – Normandie Université
    • M.S. – Franche-comté Université
    • M.S. – University of Wolverhampton
    • B.S. Engineering – Institute of Technology of Cambodia

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