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Seven Students from AUPP Join “Huawei Seeds for the Future Program 2021”

The American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) is honored to congratulate seven of our students, who have joined the “Huawei Seeds for the Future Program 2021,” held last November 22nd-29th, 2021. All seven AUPP students were accepted as finalist and completed the program. At the closing ceremony held last December 8, two AUPP students, Raksa Ma and Amani Nelson, were awarded first and third place, respectively, as the best performers in the program. 

The program, organized by Huawei Cambodia, was launched to encourage and develop the top Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and STEM students within the knowledge of ICT industry and Huawei’s specialized advantages. The program provided the greater understanding and interests in the regional ICT sector for students who participated. The program also provides openly to students in all academic field to join. 

During the eight days program, the selected students were encouraged to learn more about China, worldwide technology, relevant field in ICT and more. It was a great opportunity and learning experience for the students from AUPP, and has helped to develop further their interest in ICT.  

AUPP very much appreciates the students for joining a program which designed to develop and promote Cambodia’s regional ICT. As Mr. Lim Dararith, Group President and CEO of AUPP, mentioned in the Opening Ceremony – AUPP strongly supports programs that are for the growth and development “In Cambodia, for Cambodia”. 

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