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Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (Dual Degree Program)

Dual degree students complete 125 credits to graduate. Dual degree students will have restrictions on which courses they can take which meet the minor or electives category.

Program StructureRequired Total Credits (125)
Business Foundation Courses31
Major Elective Courses54
General Elective Courses (approved by UA)9
General Education Courses31

Business Foundation Courses (Required: 31 credits)

Dual degree students must complete the following Business Foundations courses and meet the UA’s CGPA requirement to apply for admission to UA. Students must obtain at least a “C” grade in courses taught by UA and AUPP.

Course CodeCourse NameCreditCourse Category
ENGL 101English Composition I3Business Foundation
ENGL 102English Composition II3Business Foundation
MATH 177Elementary Statistics3Business Foundation
MATH 200Business Calculus3Business Foundation
BUSN 200Introduction to Business Communication3Business Foundation
ECON 200Economics3Business Foundation
ACCT 201Financial Accounting3Business Foundation
ACCT 202Managerial Accounting3Business Foundation
BUSN 370Information Management Systems3Business Foundation
BUSN 370LInformation Management Systems (Lab)1Business Foundation
ECON 306Applied Statistics3Business Foundation

Major Courses (Required: 54 credits)

Course CodeCourse NameCreditCourse Category
ACCT 400E (UA)Intermediate Accounting for Business Administration Majors3Major
BCOM 314R (UA)Business Communication3Major
BUSN 360Business Ethics and Social Responsibility3Major
BUSN 440Introduction to Human Resource Management3Major
ECON 330 (UA)Macroeconomic and Global Institutions and Policy3Major
ECON 400Economic Strategy for Business3Major
ECON 441Microeconomics II3Major
ENTR 420 (UA)Innovation Principles and Environments3Major
FINC 311(UA)Introduction to Finance3Major
FINC 460 (UA)Real Estate Finance and Investment3Major
MGMT 301Principles of Management3Major
MGMT 320Operations Management3Major
MGMT 402 (UA)Integrating Business Fund. w/Ethics & Law in Management3Major
MIS 304 (UA)Using and Managing Information Systems3Major
MIS 478 (UA)Project Management3Major
MKTG 301Introduction to Marketing3Major
MKTG 376 (UA)Marketing Analytics3Major
INTS 400*Internship3Major

General Elective Courses approved by UA (Required: 9 credits)

Refer to Degree Audit for the intake year.

General Education Courses (Required: 31 credits)

Refer to the list of General Education courses and Degree Audit.

*INTS 400: Students must complete 84 credits before starting the internship. Internship requires a minimum of one hundred and sixty (160) hours of workplace experience.