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Saying “YES” to Curry

As finals are approaching early May, AUPP’s student government hosted a “Curry Luncheon” last Friday in honor of students’ taking a much needed study break and enjoy good eats! We all know how intense and stressful it can be when finals are just around the corner! Thank you student government for taking the initiative to host a wonderful luncheon for students and welcoming faculty, and staff to join!

Exam Preparation: 10 Study Tips by Top Universities

  • Give yourself enough time to study
  • Organize your study space
  • Use flow charts and diagrams
  • Practice on old exams
  • Explain your answers to others
  • Organize study groups with friends
  • Take regular breaks
  • Snack on ‘brain food’
  • Plan your exam day
  • Drink plenty of water

Good luck, we hope these 10 study tips help!

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