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Provincial Tour

AUPP had a successful provincial tour last week as we’ve visited high school students in 6 Provinces. The objective for this provincial tour was to speak directly with students in preparing them for their national high school exam, informing students on making decisions on furthering their education after they graduate, and the opportunity to choose AUPP as their desired university.

Students were engaged with great questions in regards to majors that we offer, scholarship/loan programs, and hearing more about the opportunity to study locally — live globally. As we are expanding to a new campus by the end of the year, we are excited to announce that we will be offering a total of 11 major programs beginning this Fall semester (Click here for more information on majors and FAQs).

We wouldn’t have made this provincial tour possible without the dedication of our founder, Dr. Vandeth, staff, and faculty who devoted their passionate efforts towards sharing the vision, mission, and opportunity here at AUPP. Overall, it was a humble experience to meet with high school students from each province whom showed interest in choosing AUPP as their desired university.

A very special thank you to all the high schools that welcomed AUPP! We hope our presentation was informative, inspiring, and we hope to see familiar faces starting this Fall Semester!

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