ABA Bank

Make your online payment via ABA Mobile App

Worried about not knowing how to efficiently process online payment?

Don’t worry, we got you!

Let’s learn the process of making online payment with AUPP!

Follow us with these simple steps to make your online payment via ABA Mobile App:

Step 1: Go to ‘ABA Mobile App’
Step 2: Select ‘Transfer’
Step 3: Confirm your payment with the Finance Office
Step 4: Select ‘Transfer to other ABA account’
Step 5: Select ‘ABA Account’
Step 6: Enter AUPP’s ABA account number:

000 23 84 82 (AUPP Co., Ltd)

Step 7: Select ‘Transfer’
Step 8: Write your ‘Student ID’ and your ‘Name’ in the remark
Step 9: Confirm your payment
Step 10: Input passcodes (4 digits)
Step 11: Confirm your payment with Finance Office