Pat Beck

Pat Beck

Email: [email protected]

Position: Director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Department: Student Affairs

Pat Beck is the Director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies and a lecturer in the Business and Global Affairs departments. Pat earned his MSc in Political Economy from the London School of Economics in 2016 after receiving his MA in European Affairs from Sciences Po, Paris in France. He also worked with Political Science data firms in the Netherlands during his time in Europe. His work focused on international monetary relationships and the political and institutional frameworks for banking unions in regional trading blocks. Previously, Pat graduated from the University of California, Berkeley cum laude in the field of Interdisciplinary Studies. His work at Cal explored international monetary cooperation and the role of sovereign wealth funds just after the financial crisis of 2008-09.
Pat also helped start and grow a small business process outsourcing firm in the United States that operates in the luxury goods market, and more specifically, with clients from the top haute couture brands from across Europe. Pat helped to establish European offices in Budapest and Lisbon before beginning operations in Tokyo. The company is still based in the United States with offices in California and Connecticut. The business now operates in multiple continents and employees hundreds of people around the world.
During his work with a data science organization in the Netherlands, Pat was responsible for managing a data collection project for the 2016 US Presidential elections. He was able to practically apply coding, statistical analysis, statement formation, and other analytical skills that are taught at the university in a real world setting and uses this experience to guide how he conveys these concepts to students presently.
Pat’s academic interests are in economics, political science, political economy, finance, and the international monetary system. He is actively involved with AUPP students who participate in global finance and business competitions. Pat currently works on collaborating with other universities to raise the awareness of the ability of Cambodian scholars. Outside of work you might find him hunting for the best foods he can find in the city. During holidays he is often traveling around the region, usually in search of more great food.

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