Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of AUPP is composed of education professionals from across the world to ensure that AUPP has the best quality education and leadership.

  1. Board of Trustees

AUPP is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board meets on a regular schedule and is responsible for approving policies of the institution, receiving financial statements of the University, approving the budget, receiving reports of institutional effectiveness, receiving and acting on the Annual Report and the audited financial statements, and appointing the President.  Members of the Board of Trustees are listed in Appendix A.

  1. International Advisory Board

AUPP has an International Advisory Board that advises the Board of Trustees and the President on educational issues.  The membership of the International Advisory Board is listed in Appendix B.

  1. Friends of AUPP

Friends of AUPP consists of professionals who have been students in Western countries and who wish to promote high quality Western education in Cambodia through assisting AUPP in its Vision and Mission. This group would include former Fulbright awardees, professionals who have a commitment to the youth of Cambodia, scholars, entrepreneurs and other community leaders who have a commitment to education and to providing youth with opportunities to build their skills, serve their communities, and be a pivotal impetus for building a well-informed and educated Cambodia.

Friends of AUPP assist by connecting the AUPP family to the local community.  They do this through sharing and exchanging knowledge and resources about the community and Cambodia.  Friends of AUPP also help with recruitment, provide a source of professional advisors to students, and assist in providing internships.  They may volunteer to be a guest speaker or facilitate public lectures held at AUPP.  In many ways, Friends of AUPP act as mentors to the students, while promoting social responsibility

  1. Goodwill Ambassador Program

The AUPP Goodwill Ambassador Program consists of individuals who are willing to help promote and support the University.  Goodwill Ambassadors link AUPP to organizations and institutions that support education to fund raise for scholarships for students, support initiatives to build and develop the University, and provide support for students seeking internships, among many other activities.

  1. Administration

The administration is responsible for implementing Board of Trustee policies, and for the effective management and development of the University.  Appendix C provides a list of the administrative personnel.

  1. AUPP Organizational Chart

Details of the administration, staff, and faculty are shown in the Appendices.