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Opportunities Always Present for Students in AUPP ICT Community!

Leu Chankunvath, a freshman majoring in Information and Communications Technology, has shared his insights on why ICT is the best choice for him and why he chose AUPP as his university. Read about his interview below: 

1. Why did you choose ICT at AUPP?

I chose AUPP for two main reasons. Firstly, the entire education system is under the American curriculum which would be crucial to get access to the latest learning materials, as well as knowledge. This is essential to me because technology evolves every day, which is why students must be up to date with what they learned. The second reason is the campus itself, including the facilities. The learning environment is fresh, as well as peaceful because of its location. You can join various clubs that can provide you with opportunities to connect with your peers, as well as discover your passion.  

2. Tell us more about your AUPP  academic experience?

I am currently a sophomore, so I have had my fair share of experience. Despite spending most of my freshmen year online, I still find the academic experience to be fulfilling. The system that was used online is beneficial. Everything you need to complete your studies is provided by the university already such as the immense library of academic resources that can assist you. Therefore, I do not think students here need to worry about the online classes provided here. If I were to talk about the “On Campus” experience, it is once again amazing. The professors here are all friendly and always willing to help you. I can also go to different facilities such as the center of student involvement (CSI), or the library to finish my work in between classes. Overall, the experiences are rewarding. I was able to learn a lot.  

3. What is your recommendation/advice for recent high school graduates who want to choose ICT?

If I were to have a chance to give advice to recent high school graduates who are interested in ICT, I would advise them to focus on their science subjects, as well as getting to know about technologies as much as possible because that knowledge will give students a good head start in the ICT field.  

4. How does AUPP (American University of Phnom Penh) help you to succeed?

As a university, AUPP has completed most of its job in providing the necessary knowledge to make sure the students learn in their time as a university student. Furthermore, AUPP always tries to find opportunities for students to grow. Inside the AUPP ICT community, there are always opportunities for students to gain various experiences that will aid them in their future careers. These opportunities can include things such as competitions, workshops, events, and many others. These opportunities are beneficial to me because it allows students to experience many different things that may not be available in class. 

5. Why should new students choose AUPP?

You should choose AUPP because you will be able to learn a lot of things from professors who have had a lot of experiences in their own field. Not only that, but they also have many chances to gain a lot of experience that will help them grow as a student, as well as grow in their career. 

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