New Campus

In 2017, AUPP will celebrate the opening of its new campus and will move forward into its state-of-the-art facility. It will be Cambodia’s largest international standard university, accommodating up to 4,000 students. This new campus will feature sports centers, housing for students, and many other facilities. Designed by international architects, the new campus sits on seven hectares of land and is the most technically advanced university in Cambodia. The AUPP campus offers the students the same facilities as they may find in American Universities.

Some of the Features of the New Campus:

  • Fully equipped laboratories and workshops for Architecture, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and other sciences supporting our accredited STEAM programs
  • Five-story building with an atrium, student lounge, cafeteria and many other facilities
  • Seven hectares of land
  • Smart campus that incorporates Wi-Fi distributed technology
  • A design that enhances and supports an academic teaching and learning environment, incorporating the latest technology
  • Serene and peaceful environment with recreational garden space
  • Large Interactive Center for Student Involvement (CSI)
  • Modern Library
  • Dynamic Learning Center
  • Resourceful Research Center