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New AUPP Campus Scheduled for Completion in Mid 2017

The construction of the new AUPP campus, Cambodia’s largest university, is nearing completion and will be ready in mid-2017. As part of AUPP’s continuing commitment to serving higher education, all the facilities have been carefully selected to support student learning and the delivery of top quality instruction.

Using stunning architecture and the most up to date designs, our new facility will not only be recognized as the biggest university campus in the country, but also as the best state-of-the-art campus equipped with the most advanced technological amenities in Cambodia.

Students will experience spacious interactive classrooms, a library full of resources including a learning center, research center and conceptualized classrooms. Add to that modern computer and science laboratories, sport fields and student and faculty dormitories and you have a real American style learning environment without leaving Cambodia giving students the opportunity to earn their American degree and an AUPP degree through dual degree programs.

For further details about our new campus, contact our office at 023-990-023/012-266-631.

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