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My academic experiences at AUPP have been challenging, yet gratifying

1. Short Description of yourself and your achievement. 

Virya Sarun is a junior majoring in Global Affairs and minoring in Law. She is currently serving as a student intern for the Center of Sustainable Development Studies at the Asian Vision Institute (AVI) and the officer of Research and Development for ASEAN Youth Advocates Network (AYAN) Cambodia. She was previously a tutor at the AUPP Learning Center and has had experience as a delegate in Model Simulations.

2. Why did you choose Global Affairs as your major?

Global Affairs, to me, captures the essence of empowerment, awareness, and engagement which is very much needed as we face the whirlwind of challenges in this globalized world. Only when we are able to identify problems, will we be able to remedy them. Having grown up in a household where both parents place great importance on humanitarian work, I came to see the harsh reality that our current society is constantly plagued with never-ending crises. With that said, Global Affairs touches upon a myriad of subjects including diplomacy, foreign policy, international organizations, sustainability, gender development, and so much more. Therefore, studying Global Affairs pushes me forward by enabling me to broaden my horizon on the relevant issues facing the globe, foster effective communication, enhance my critical thinking skills, and equip myself with essential skills to contribute back to my community. 

3. Tell us more about your AUPP academic experience.

My academic experiences at AUPP have been challenging, yet gratifying. I am able to see myself grow as an individual in the span of a few years. I have received endless support from my peers, professors, and academic advisor. AUPP has always brought about opportunities for students and as a Global Affairs student, I enjoy being part of the Model United Nations and Model ASEAN Meetings held by the university every year. 

4. What is your recommendation/advice for the recent high school graduates who want to choose (your major)?

Your time as a university student will be a journey of self-discovery. While many expectations may be placed upon you, it is up to you to pursue what you truly are passionate about. It is also crucial that you take into account your strengths and weaknesses. Your visions for the major and your real experiences doing it might not always align, but please understand that it is normal. If you have truly set your eyes on Global Affairs, you can be assured that at AUPP, you will be equipped with the necessary skills to carry out your passion when it’s time to enter the workforce. 

5. How does AUPP help you succeed?

My time as an undergraduate at AUPP has been an eye-opening experience. Although I have yet to graduate, it is clear how I can apply the skillsets acquired from my time at AUPP to my time as an intern, a volunteer, and a participant in various events. From the refreshing environment of the state-of-art campus to the numerous resources the library has to offer, I am able to make the most of my time honing my skills and gaining more insights into my research interests. AUPP professors are passionate and highly skilled in what they do, and that inspires me to grasp onto this opportunity as I set the directions on where I wish to proceed in my professional career.

6. Why should new students choose AUPP?

You are in good hands the moment you become part of the AUPP community. You have an array of resources at your disposal, not only for your courses but also for projects you wish to conduct as part of your academic journey. Challenges will come your way, but please remember that you can reach out for help from your peers, professors, academic advisors, and faculty members at AUPP. 

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