Minor in South-East Asian Studies

The Minor in Southeast Asian Studies (SEAS) at AUPP is a multi-disciplinary program available for all majors. The minor’s objective is to expand and deepen students’ appreciation of the diversity of the region, as well as to better understand the many contributions of Southeast Asia to global values and trends. As such, the minor fosters global citizenship and socially responsible leadership across borders, ethnicities, religions, and nationalities.

Program Goals

  1. Deepen students’ understanding of the trends and developments in the Southeast Asian region across disciplines.
  2. Increase students’ knowledge about and participation in the contributions to global values and principles of the Southeast Asian community of nations.
  3. Strengthen students’ research and analysis skills of comparative social contexts.
  4. Provide students the opportunity for hands-on field research opportunities; and
  5. Foster students’ ability to relate and work effectively across cultures and academic disciplines.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the historical basis and contemporary expressions of Southeast Asian regional identity via the social, cultural, artistic, religious, political, legal, economic, and environmental trends in the region.
  2. Appreciate the diversity of peoples, customs, beliefs, histories, and development paths of the various Southeast Asian nations.
  3. Accomplish comparative analysis and/or primary data collection within the family of nations of Southeast Asia.

To complete the minor in Southeast Asian Studies, students must complete fifteen credits in courses directly related to Southeast Asia from the list below or other courses approved by AUPP.  A minimum GPA of 2.0 in minor courses is required for successful completion of the minor.

Course Outline

The following courses fulfil the requirements for the Minor in Southeast Asia Studies:

ENGL 260Southeast Asian Literature and Film in Translation
GBLA 320Southeast Asian Comparative Politics
GBLA 370Geography of Southeast Asia
GBLA 431Political Economy of Southeast Asia
ECON 481Economics of the Asian Pacific
LEGL 360Southeast Asian Law and Legal Systems
SEAS 495Special Topic (Southeast Asian Studies)
KHMR 301Khmer for Professional Purposes