Minor in Law

The Law Minor is available to all majors other than Law.  To complete a Law Minor, students must take 15 credit hours, at least 9 of which are upper division courses. Of the 15 credit hours, one course (3 credits hours) is required and four courses (12 credit hours) consist of elective courses (from the courses listed below or other law courses offered by AUPP). A minimum of 2.0 GPA in minor courses is required for successful completion of the minor.

Note: Students must take LEGL 101 (Gen Ed) before taking any other law courses.


Minor in Law
Required Course (3 credit)

LEGL 199      English for Legal Purposes

Plus 3 courses from the following
LEGL 199 English for Legal Purposes
LEGL 230 Environmental Law
LEGL 261 Cambodian Civil Code I
LEGL 310 Legal Ethics
LEGL 332 Cambodian Criminal Law and Procedure
LEGL 340 Labor Law
LEGL 360 Law and Legal Systems in Southeast Asian
LEGL 361 Cambodian Civil Code II
LEGL 380 Genocide
LEGL 385 Gender and the Law
LEGL 390 Negotiation and Dispute Settlement
LEGL 415 Commercial Enterprise
LEGL 450 Intellectual Property
LEGL 460 Entertainment Law
LEGL 470 Chinese Law and Legal Culture
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