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Minor in Law

The Law Minor is available to all majors other than Law.

To complete a Law Minor, students must take fifteen credits, at least nine of which are upper division law courses. Of the fifteen credit, one 3-credit course is required, and four courses consisting of elective courses are required. A minimum of GPA of 2.0 in law minor courses is required for successful completion of the minor.

The program is designed to develop competency to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of legal systems including the legal system of Cambodia, other countries, and international legal institutions;
  2. Analyze the interrelationships among legal, business, political and ethical issues;
  3. Effectively apply reading, writing, and critical thinking skills to analyze how law affects the regulation of important global issues;
  4. Evaluate and apply diverse perspectives to legal issues in the context of differing political, economic, and cultural systems. 

Students must have completed the General Education course of LEGL 101 before taking any other law courses.

Required Course (3 credits)
LEGL 199English for Legal Purposes
Plus 4 courses from the following:
LEGL 230Environmental Law
LEGL 261Cambodian Civil Code I
LEGL 310Legal Ethics
LEGL 332Cambodian Criminal Law and Procedure
LEGL 340Labor Law
LEGL 360Law and Legal Systems in Southeast Asia
LEGL 361Cambodian Civil Code II
LEGL 380Genocide
LEGL 385Gender and the Law
LEGL 390Negotiation and Dispute Settlement
LEGL 415Commercial Enterprise
LEGL 450Intellectual Property
LEGL 460Entertainment Law
LEGL 470Chinese Law and Legal Culture