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Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor is available to all majors.

The program seeks to enhance students’ business skills, including ideation, product development, business model generation, financial management, risk-management, marketing, sales, and team building.

Furthermore, the program encourages students to continue learning and staying updated with emerging trends and practices in entrepreneurship, fostering a mindset of continuous improvement and adaptation.

To complete an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor, students must take fifteen credits. A minimum GPA of 2.0 in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor courses is required for successful completion of the minor.

The program is designed to develop competency to:

  1. Knowledge of Entrepreneurship: Students will acquire a solid foundation of knowledge in entrepreneurship including identifying social needs, developing innovative solutions, creating sustainable business models, and measuring impact.
  2. Developing a Business Plan and Strategy: Students will learn how to develop a business plan for their startup idea considering factors such as marketing analysis, developing a revenue model, to guide the successful launch and growth of business.
  3. Financial Literacy: Students will gain an understanding of how to develop a financial plan for their new venture and how to communicate that plan to potential investors.
  4. Marketing and Sales: Students will learn the key concepts, methods, and techniques used in marketing research, branding, and effective selling techniques and strategies to attract customers and drive revenue.

Required 15 credits from the following:

Course Code
Course Name
ENTR 480
Global Social Entrepreneurship
ENTR 482
Tech Ventures
ENTR 486
Finance for New Ventures
ENTR 488
Marketing research for Entrepreneurs
ENTR 490
Sales for New Ventures
ENTR 495
Independent Study for Entrepreneurship

Note: Non-Business major students are required to take BUSN 479 – Practical Entrepreneur, and 4 courses from the above list.