Michael Hudson

Michael Hudson

Email: [email protected]

Position: Associate Professor, History

Department: Academic Affairs – General Education

Michael Hudson is an Associate Professor at the AUPP.

He received his Ph.D., History from University of California

He has especially enjoyed researching the history of chess – its origins, its diffusion, and its dynamic development – and writing about it in the larger context of world history.

He comes from an academic tradition (both of his parents and all four of his grandparents were teachers). He believes that education enriches and enhances all aspects of one’s life experience. He is strongly committed to academic integrity and the pursuit of learning for its own sake.

He is an avid cyclist, and He loves self-contained bicycle touring. He has ridden coast-to-coast in the US (three times), ridden across Russia (Petersburg to Vladivostok), and “circumnavigated” Australia. He plans to tour in SE Asia as well. Distance cycling encourages a mental state conducive to contemplation and reflection.

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