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Dr. Guido Giannasso Delivered a Lecture on the Topic of “Leadership, Management, and Skills of the Business”

On September 8, 2023, Dr. Guido Giannasso, professor of Leadership at HEC Qatar and AUPP Board of Trustee, delivered a lecture on the topic of “Leadership, Management, and Skills of the Business” to a group of students at AUPP.

With over 35 years of international management, teaching, and consulting experience, Dr. Guido Gianasso is a Swiss-Italian national known for his profound insights into leadership.

Dr. Guido talked about Work for the Future, what are the skills in labor market that will disappear and what still persist, and advise students over life-long continued learning to keep ourselves up to date with the job demand. The students were inspired by his interesting lecture and actively engaged by asking many questions.

We look forward to providing more informative sessions and inviting industry experts to meet and share information with our AUPP students and alumni.

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