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Yamuna Sithambalam

Ms. Yamuna Sithambalam is an Assistant Professor and Associate Dean of the Business Department. She embarked on a career in education in 1999 specifically as a faculty specializing in the delivery and administration of British, American and Australian universities degree programs in Malaysia. She completed her tertiary education in Malaysia, Singapore and UK and currently a doctoral candidate pursuing PhD in Management specializing in Social/Sustainable Entrepreneurship field, actively researching on success models of sustainable/social entrepreneurship in Cambodia in comparison to other regions. With a wealth of experience in academia, Ms. Sithambalam brings a unique perspective to her role as the Associate Dean. As the Associate Dean of the Business Department, Ms. Sithambalam is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the department’s operations. She plays a crucial role in curriculum development, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for success in the business world. Driven by innovation and a commitment to excellence, she constantly seeks ways to enhance the department’s programs and foster an environment of continuous learning. At AUPP, Ms. Sithambalam’s teaching and research interests lie in the areas of Business, Marketing, Operations, Project Management, SCM, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She has published numerous articles in reputable academic journals and has presented her findings at international conferences. She also works closely with the Technology Center to design new professional development courses and programs for the corporate sector in Cambodia. Outside of her professional commitments, Ms. Sithambalam is a passionate traveler and a social Latin dancer, who travels the world to explore new cultures, experience different ways of life, broaden her horizons and dance at international dance festivals.

  • MBA. Technology Management and Entrepreneurship – International Business School (UTM), a collaborated program with Cranfield University (UK)
  • B.A. Business Administration – Middlesex University (UK)