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Kaknika Lin

Dr. Kaknika Lin is an Adjunct Professor of Law at AUPP. As a proud AUPP alum, she is excited to return to AUPP after having received her license as a lawyer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Dr. Lin’s main interests are in business law and commercial transactions. She has broad experience working in law firms of all sizes, focusing on local and international commercial deals and labor and employment matters. Aside from law firms, she has also worked in-house in the legal teams of various companies, such as a global fitness and obstacle course racing corporation (Spartan Race) and companies in the education and healthcare industries. Currently, she manages her law firm in Phnom Penh, specializing in corporate law matters and commercial transactions.

Dr. Lin enjoys volunteering and getting involved in community work wherever she is. At AUPP, she has previously led teams of AUPP students to tutor high school students in Takeo province. In Boston, she was a student attorney assisting with family law/guardianship, consumer law matters, and volunteered as a tax preparer in her community. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga and hiking.