Lay Ping Toh

Lay Ping Toh

Email: [email protected]

Position: Adjunct Faculty

Department: Academic Affairs – Civil Engineering and Architecture

  • Master of Urban Design, University of Melbourne
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Urban Planning, University of Melbourne
  • B.A. Architecture, National University of Singapore

Toh Lay Ping has led and managed planning and development projects for different levels of governments as well as the private sector. Her project size ranges from the urban design scale of 2 sqkm to strategic structure plans of 12,000 sqkm, and she has implemented many of her projects from construction to operational stage.

Having lived and worked in many different countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Lay Ping greatly enjoys the diversity of multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, skills and experience with her students.

Sustainability is her core interest, where she consistently volunteers for local NGOs to serve the underprivileged, particularly in the field of displaced and stateless communities. She continues to hone her skills and knowledge through her translation work for the global thought leaders in the sustainability field.

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