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KEY: Knowledge Empowers You

“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.” -Jorge Luis Borges

Knowledge is the key to success and it never hurts to expand your horizon with a great book in hand! There’s nothing more invaluable than finding that perfect book which allows you to get lost in its’ words — especially when you don’t want it to end! Do you remember the last book that you’ve read and didn’t want it to ever end?

Given that we are living in the age of information, especially influenced by technology, it is inevitable to turn off all of our devices and focus on being still without any distractions. However, as this simple task may be inevitable, it is truly possible with the desire to take a step back from the endless notifications of social media, e-mails, text messages, and other technological distractions that arise in our day-to-day life.

With that being said, we challenge you to unplug from technology and allow yourself time to sit still with a great book in hand! According to the University of Sussex studies, “reading for just six minutes has been shown to reduce stress by 68 percent.” (

AUPP’s library offers a wide variety of books and even having access to SAGE and JSTOR. These are great databases that have hundreds of academic journal articles and other scholarly resources. They are updated daily with new material, and undergraduate students across the globe find excellent information from them for their projects and papers. As a student and faculty here, you will have access to a wonderful collection of books!

Today’s challenge: Turn off technology and go to your nearest library or bookstore!

                             Expand your mind, reduce your level of stress, and get lost
                                             in a wonderful book! You’ll thank us later. 

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