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Kent State Scholars Conduct Accreditation Research at AUPP

Arriving to Phnom Penh on humid July day, Dr. Martha C. Merrill and Dr. Mark Kretovics are on a research trip to AUPP to help facilitate a framework for US accreditation. Both scholars are from Kent State University in Ohio where Dr. Martha C. Merrill is a Higher Education Coordinator and Dr. Mark Kretovics is an Interim Dean.

They will be working here at AUPP for 1 month to observe the organizational structure of the university, assess the students, their achievements and the long term plan of attaining a US accreditation for AUPP. There are also talks of possible future partnerships with Kent State University. We asked them where they believed AUPP stood in the process to US accreditation to which they answered “AUPP is in the beginning phase” although it has “made significant progress” in a very short time. It will be important “to see the outcome from the first alumni” who will be graduating in 1 years time.

Besides working at AUPP, they do plan to squeeze in a bit of fun by taking a tour of Phnom Penh and a trip to Angkor Wat. We believe their trip is important not only for AUPP but for the Cambodian higher education system as well. Setting forward the motion to achieve US quality in Cambodia will improve the human resource and business environment with the country and AUPP is happy to be  a part of that movement.

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