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All programs at AUPP require a student to complete an internship. Internships carry academic credit and therefore must be organized and approved in advance of the internship. The units may vary from 3 to 6, based on the scope and scale of the internship. Internships require a minimum of one hundred and sixty (160) hours of workplace experience.

An internship combines work experience with academic components and is overseen by a faculty member. Internship courses are graded with traditional grades e.g. A, B, C. There is also a workplace supervisor.

Students apply for a Certificate of Eligibility for Internship in the semester before engaging in the internship, and are required to complete a workshop designed to assist students in identifying an appropriate site, interview for the internship placement, and carry out the tasks identified in the Internship Manual. Students must have completed 75 credits at the time they apply a Certificate of Eligibility and have completed 84 credits before starting the internship.

Students must register and pay tuition in accordance with the tuition and fees schedule before starting their internship. Further details of the internship are found in the Internship Manual.