Hulusi Yilmaz

Hulusi Yilmaz

Email: [email protected]

Position: Associate Professor, Math

Department: Academic Affairs – General Education

Dr. Hulusi Yilmaz earned his PhD in Chemistry & Physics from the University of Puerto Rico in 2010. His research interests focus on the computational study of electronic and magnetic properties of semiconductor materials and their nanostructures. In particular, Dr. Yilmaz utilizes quantum mechanical computational methods to reveal and manipulate novel characteristics of materials for innovative technological
applications. His research interests include wide-bandgap semiconductors, carbon nanomaterials, topological materials, and photovoltaic cells. His work has been published in top-tier journals in the field. Dr. Yilmaz also has extensive experience in teaching a wide range of topics in physics, mathematics, and engineering. He is particularly enthusiastic about encouraging his students and providing them guidance and help for graduate school applications. Over the past several years, he has contributed to the admission of over a dozen of students from Cambodia to top graduate schools around the world with full scholarships.

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