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Huawei Technologies (Cambodia) C.E.O. Yao Sovann Visits AUPP Campus

The Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Technologies (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., Yao Yuya (Sovann) visited the campus of the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) on 23 July 2020 and paid a visit to its CENTER FOR LEADERSHIP AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (CLPD).

Dr. Alan Wark, Executive Director of the CLPD said, “It was an honor to have Mr. Yao and his team on campus and to show him our specialized teaching and learning facilities.” Mr. Yao was accompanied Human Resources Director Mr. Sulin Li “Tom” and Chief Communications Officer Luna Xie. Discussions between a team from AUPP and the Huawei officials included many potential areas of future cooperation and included a virtual greeting from Singapore by Dr. Guido Gianasso, member of the AUPP Board of Trustees and President of CLPD.

AUPP is the only university in Cambodia to offer actual U.S. university degrees completely in Cambodia. Dual AUPP and American bachelor’s degree programs are provided through either of its partners, the University of Arizona or Fort Hays State University.

AUPP’s CLPD is a corporate training and consulting enterprise created to offer world-class learning and human resource solutions to employers and individuals using AUPP’s international faculty and other qualified staff. Their mission is to develop people who can use their potential and develop their skills in order to grow their careers, and boost their organizations.

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