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A Group of AUPP Students Journey to Kampong Chheu Teal High School for a Sharing Session

On the December 26, 2016, a group of AUPP students travelled to Kampong Chheu Teal High School, in Kampong Thom Province. Welcomed by the Principal and hundreds of senior students, the AUPP volunteers were really excited to interact with the high school students and to talk about AUPP’s great reputation and the quality education at the university. As they provided details of AUPP’s academic programs, student life, and quality standards, the high schools students, teachers and the Principal developed their understanding that our American university in Cambodia offers an outstanding higher education to Cambodians and thereby enhances the human resources development of the country.

The students of Kampong Chheu Teal High School were motivated and encouraged by the AUPP students to aim high in their education and for their future. Tips for earning better grades in the National High School examination were shared so the high schoolers might enhance their performance. The AUPP students also provided recommendations for choosing a quality university and what high school students should do before deciding on their major in college.

The visit was a success, and with a strong bond being built between the school and AUPP, we hope the sharing of knowledge among the students of the University and KCT High School will continue.

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