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Full Tuition Scholarships and Other Contributions from Faculty at AUPP

While most have heard of the recent full tuition scholarships provided by faculty at AUPP, there is much more beyond the title. While a portion of faculty at AUPP is new and some are seasonal, there are a good handful of AUPP’s faculty that have been in Cambodia for decades. This group of faculty have invested not only their time in Cambodia but have also made a variety of different contributions to improve the Cambodian society.

The full tuition scholarships are only one part of their overall research, dedication and contribution to Cambodia’s growth. Nonetheless, the scholarships are a significant part to mention as the faculty will sponsor 2 exceptional students with financial need to pursue their education AUPP at the expense of the professors themselves. Normally it is unprecedented to hear of faculty sponsoring students to get and education especially in Cambodia. However, the faculty at AUPP is inspired on a daily basis by the struggle and perseverance of the Cambodian youth around the country to achieve more in their lifetime as well as do their part to improve the world.

Some other contributions to mention are that of our professor Theresa de Langis who is a research-practitioner on women, peace and security issues in the Asia-Pacific region. She has done extensive research on forced marriage and violence under the Khmer Rouge regime. You can read more about her research on a recent article from the Phnom Penh Post. Our Law professor, David Moser has written a well detailed and informative book on Music Copyright Law. This book gives in-depth understanding of a topic that is vital to the success of anyone working in the music industry. This book explores the world of copyright law and hones in on how it can be applied to the music industry of any country, even the laxly enforced copyright industry in Cambodia. Dr. Moser’s book can be purchased from Amazon. Its also important to mention our senior most professor Donald Rallis who is 7th most popular on youtube in Cambodia. Outside of class, he is an avid film maker and scenery explorer. Visit his YouTube channel.

Several days from now, two lucky scholarship students will be able to enter a classroom at AUPP and in four years receive American accredited degrees. Its important to dream and to work hard towards those dreams, no one believes this more than AUPP’s faculty. We here at AUPP, believe in the youth of Cambodia and in your struggle and wish you success in what you desire to achieve.

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