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Foreign Policy Speakers Series with H.E. Liurka Rodríguez Barrios, Cuba’s Ambassador to Cambodia

AUPP is delighted to share the success of our recent Foreign Policy Speakers Series event, “Cuba & Cambodia: A Resurgence in Relations,” featuring Her Excellency Liurka Rodríguez Barrios, Cuba’s Ambassador to Cambodia.

Ambassador Rodríguez Barrios captivated the AUPP community with her insightful perspectives on the evolving relations between Cuba and Cambodia. Her address not only highlighted the diplomatic landscape but also shed light on the potential for a resurgence in relations, fostering a deeper economic engagement between the two nations

The event provided a unique platform for engaging discussions, allowing students, faculty, and guests to explore the cultural, economic, and political dimensions of the developing relationship. Attendees had the privilege of gaining firsthand insights into the shared aspirations and collaborative opportunities that lie ahead for Cuba and Cambodia.

AUPP remains committed to providing enriching experiences that broaden horizons and deepen understanding. We express our gratitude to Ambassador Barrios for her invaluable contribution, fostering a vibrant intellectual atmosphere at AUPP.

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