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First ever “ATC Tech Talks” Hosted by AUPP Technology Center

As an aspiring technology leader, AUPP Technology Center is proud to host a brand-new talk series – ATC Tech Talks – which will feature tech-savvy and renowned specialists from all over the world to share about new and advanced technology and how businesses can utilize digital resources for company growth.

For the first episode of ATC Tech Talks, AUPP Technology Center has invited Professor Sourav Sen Gupta, Lecturer in Computer Science (Cryptology and Data Science) from Nanyang Technology University, Singapore under the topic: Blockchain for Business. During his talk, the professor will cover:

  • Demystifying Blockchain – Systems + Networks + Consensus
  • What does Blockchain promise? Do you need a Blockchain?
  • Blockchain in Practice – Tokens, Data Market, Supply Chain

On top of that, the audience will have the privilege to have Q&A sessions with Professor Sourav after his presentation. The first episode will be on 10th May 2022 through Facebook livestream on AUPP Technology Center’s Facebook page. If you want to get the latest update about ATC Tech Talk, you can register HERE and click “going” on our Facebook event: HERE

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