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Financial Aid (DSDP)


The Digital Skill Development Program (DSDP) is an initiative founded and developed by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on 11 April 2023, and partnered with CADT, RUPP, NUM, ITC, AUPP, and Paragon.U.


“Digital Skill Development Program” aims to involve the development of digital human capital in response to the needs of the digital economy and society towards achieving the vision of Cambodia 2050. The ministry developed the Digital Skills Development Program, which will allow students who cannot afford tuition to apply for a financial aid without interest for a bachelor’s degree in digital technologies at the program’s partner higher education institutions.


Digital Skill Development Program offers financial aid without interest to students who wish to pursue a bachelor degree in digital technologies. In addition, it also provides free consultation to students and all civil servants, as well as facilitates the accommodation of students from the provinces.


To get this interest-free scholarship, applicants must be Cambodian, obtain a high school diploma or equivalent with an A, B, or C degree, be able to pass the exam and/or interviews organized by DSDP, and have met all the requirements.

This program prioritizes candidates from low-income family backgrounds, from remote rural areas, who are female, or who have disabilities, and they are encouraged to apply.


For detailed enquiries, please visit DSDP’s website: