Olta Myslimi, M.I.B.

Olta holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Business Department, where she imparts knowledge in the domains of Economics, Marketing, and Business Communication. With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in International Business.

With over five years of professional experience in international settings, Olta has worked in educational and governmental institutions across the United States, China, Switzerland, and Spain. Her work has been primarily focused on empowering youth, facilitating exchange programs, promoting cultural diplomacy, and establishing business partnerships with local and international companies.

During her tenure at AUPP, Olta also served as a dedicated career advisor within the Student Affairs department. In this role, she designed and implemented a strategic engagement plan aimed at equipping students with the tools and resources necessary to enhance their career prospects. Furthermore, she successfully fostered open lines of communication and developed partnerships with numerous local businesses, establishing a bridge between academia and various industries.

As a professor, Olta is committed to enabling her students to unlock their full potential. She achieves this by challenging them to step beyond their comfort zones, cultivating critical thinking skills, and encouraging active participation in their professional and personal growth.

Through her multifaceted background and unwavering dedication to student success, Olta strives to create an engaging and transformative learning environment for her students.

  • M.S. in International Business – University of Barcelona
  • BA. in Economics – University of Tirana, Albania