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Leo Fernandez

Leo Fernandez serves as an Assistant Professor at American University of Phnom Penh, bringing a wealth of knowledge from a distinguished 20-year career in both industry and academia. Specializing in Information Technology, I have a diverse professional background, including five years as a Senior Software Programmer, where expertise in high-profile projects was cultivated.

Venturing into entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership became a focal point for a year, laying the groundwork for subsequent roles. This experience was further enriched by a three-year tenure as a Professional Software Trainer and a managerial role at a prestigious Software Training Center, focusing on optimizing operations and enhancing the learning environment.

Transitioning to academia, my journey spans an impressive eleven years dedicated to shaping the future of IT professionals. Initially, I spent two years in a well-known university in Tanzania, subsequently followed by a significant nine-year commitment at a reputable college in Cambodia. My roles have varied, encompassing positions from IT Lecturer to Head of the Department. Throughout this time, my focus has been on the advancement of curriculum development, the implementation of innovative teaching methodologies, and the exercise of strategic departmental leadership.

Through a blend of industry experience and academic insight, I continue to inspire students and contribute to the ever-evolving field of Information Technology, advocating for a holistic approach to life-long learning and teaching.