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Judy Gray Royka, M.A.

Mrs. Judy Gray Royka is an Instructor and the Director of the English Preparatory Program at AUPP. She has my master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second and Foreign Language from the University of Birmingham UK. She was also a sign language interpreter and drama teacher in her early career. For the past 24 years she has been teaching English in various parts of the world such as South Korea, The Marshall Islands, Vietnam, Ivory Coast and now Cambodia. Her classes have ranged from kindergarten to post graduate level. Mrs. Royka has mostly focused on students in preparatory programs that prepare them to have adequate English and academic skills to enter international colleges and universities. She has also been the First Year Experience Coordinator for an international college and enjoy helping students get the life skills they need to do well not only in their education but in their everyday activities. She has presented at many conferences worldwide. She is a student centered and hands on kind of instructor, so she always has an active and fun classroom environment. She loves to travel and meet people. She looks forward to exploring Cambodia more in the years to come.