Joshua Wilwohl, M.A.

Joshua Wilwohl is an assistant professor in the General Education department at AUPP. He joins the faculty as a writer whose work in the United States, United Kingdom, and Cambodia has helped people get news and drive cars. Wilwohl teaches classes about art, design, culture, and communication. His research focuses on how word choice in multilingual storytelling influences consumer behavior. His writings have been featured in publications and galleries, including the Huffington Post, Mekong Review, BAYarts, and Meta House. Before joining AUPP, he was on faculty at the Metropolitan College of New York in New York City. Wilwohl has a PgD in Creative Writing from the University of York, an MA in Online Journalism from Birmingham City University, an MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management from the Metropolitan College of New York, and a BA in Art History and Communication from Mercyhurst College.