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Danet Hak

Dr. Hak holds a doctoral degree in Mechanical and Environmental Informatics from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Philippines, and an engineering degree in Food Technology and Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia. With over 13 years of dedicated experience in academia and environmental research, her expertise encompasses Environmental and Social Safeguard, Environmental Impact Assessment, Climate Change, Environmental Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), as well as smart city and sustainable development.

In addition to her pivotal roles in teaching and research, Dr. Hak has amassed valuable experience collaborating with diverse institutions, including government agencies in Cambodia such as the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, and international organizations like UNICEF, UN-Habitat, UNESCO, IWHR, Mekong Lang Chang, East-Meets-West foundation, GEF, GIZ, and others. Committed to making a positive impact, she also dedicates her time as a volunteer board member at the Center for Sustainable Water.