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Byron Wright

Byron Wright is an Assistant Professor in both the English Preparatory Program and General Education and Humanities. Mr. Wright earned his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Portland State University and achieved a Master’s of English with an emphasis in TESOL from San Francisco State University. Since then, he has focused on English language instruction to university level students and the adult immigrant population in San Francisco, Portland, and New York.

From 2019 through 2023, Byron received an English Fellow Grant through the US State department and Georgetown University, which brought him to Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia. During the Fellowship, he focused on conducting teacher training workshops and English language instruction.

Byron feels extremely fortunate to have worked with students and teachers from diverse backgrounds and all levels of proficiency during his 18 years of teaching English, and collaborating with such talented and exceptional individuals has greatly improved him as both a teacher and a person. As a new arrival to Cambodia, he is honored to be a guest here, and eager to see more of this extraordinary country.