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Aruna Shankar, M.E.

Ms. Aruna Shankar is an accomplished professional with diverse expertise in the fields of Information Technology Management and Software Engineering. She currently holds the position of Assistant Professor of Information Technology Management at AUPP. With a passion for technology and research, Mrs. Shankar has made significant contributions to the software industry and academia over the years.

Having spent nearly 8 years as a Software Engineer, Mrs. Shankar has actively participated in various projects, gaining invaluable experience and skills in software development. Her extensive experience as a Software Developer further showcases her ability to adapt to emerging technologies and her innovative mindset. Throughout her career, Mrs. Shankar has also engaged in Research and Development (R&D) software projects. These projects have not only enhanced her technical prowess but have also honed her research skills. As a researcher and Assistant Professor, she endeavors to build a strong bridge between the software industries and educational institutions by incorporating her research ideas into her teaching methodologies.

In addition to her contributions to academia, Ms. Shankar is an aspiring PhD candidate at a prestigious university in Malaysia. Her current research focus lies in the domain of Computational Linguistics. This area of study delves into the intersection of linguistics and computer science, exploring how language can be analyzed and processed by computers. Through her PhD research, Mrs. Shankar aims to advance the understanding and application of natural language processing, benefiting a wide range of industries and fields. Mrs. Shankar’s dedication to education and innovation is evident in her interest in intensive internship programs related to innovative teaching methods. She firmly believes in providing students with practical and hands-on experiences that empower them to excel in their future careers. Her enthusiasm for education and her expertise in the software industry make her a valuable asset to both students and the academic institution.

Overall, Ms. Aruna Shankar’s multifaceted background as a Software Engineer, Researcher, and Assistant Professor, combined with her ongoing pursuit of a PhD in Computational Linguistics, exemplifies her commitment to the advancement of technology, education, and research. Her collaborative approach and passion for teaching ensure that she remains a respected and influential figure in both academia and the software industry.

  • Master of Engineering in Computer Science Engineering – Anna University, Chennai, India.
  • Bachelor of Information Technology – Anna University, Chennai, India.
  • Bachelor of Computer Application – Madurai Kamarajar university, India.