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Anselm Vermeulen, D.B.A.

Anselm Vermeulen was born in the Netherlands, is married, living in Phnom Penh and has 2 kids. Post economics study, he worked for 7 years in Hong Kong setting up his own Chemical Distribution Company, mainly doing business in China. Because of various strategic reasons, the company integrated with a major Chemical Distribution company in 2007. Later, he became more involved in teaching Supply Chain Management and Logistics at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Currently he lectures Operations Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the American University in Phnom Penh. He considers helping and coaching students with their first steps in setting up sustainable businesses a real nice experience. His research for his Doctoral dissertation was about Intrapreneurship at a State-Owned Enterprise in China. He is also a recipient of the Magnolia Silver Award in Shanghai.