Everything You Need to Know about
AUPP Entrance Examination

AUPP Entrance Examination is to determine the applicant’s eligibility to enroll in the university. AUPP accepts applicants with grade A, B, C, D. Applicants with grade A and B will be awarded with merit scholarships and more. The AUPP Entrance Examination follows the structure of BACII National Examination. Subjects include Khmer, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and History. It is a one-day examination.

The entrance exam will be conducted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Khmer language, and there will also be special case for English language. Please read documents below for further information and regulations:

Scholarship Examination Agenda

Exam Rules and Regulations

NOTE: Entrance exam dates are hosted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the week. AUPP will contact to applicants who are ready to take the AUPP Entrance Examination directly.

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