Eric Yii

Eric Yii

Position: Adjunct Professor
Department: Architecture – Academic Affairs

Graduated from National University of Singapore with a Master in Architecture, Mr. Eric Yii has been practicing in the construction industry for 15 years before joining American University of Phnom Penh as a faculty member in 2016. Having experience in both design and project management of architectural buildings, interior renovation, urban planning, and land development in Singapore, Malaysia and China, he is teaching Architecture Design, History of Architecture, Construction and Project Management. 

Mr. Yii is also a certified Agile Coach and certified ScrumMaster, versed in Design Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

His passion in business innovation has led him to multiple entrepreneurship experiences across various industries, including real estate development, software dealership, consumer food retailing and F&B (food and beverage) businesses, based in Singapore and Malaysia.

He believes that education is also about coaching and mentoring, the sharing of two decades of hard lessons learnt through challenges and struggles in architecture and entrepreneurship, so that students may avoid common mistakes and pitfalls due to inexperience when they enter the workforce, and hopefully with the mindset of positively contributing to the rapid urbanization of the Cambodian society.

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