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Eagles of AUPP, Jiaxing Lao

At the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP), Jiaxing Lao has been on path of exceptional achievements and community impact. Her journey at AUPP is nothing short of inspiring, filled with accomplishments that reflect her dedication and leadership.

One of her outstanding achievements was being recognized as the Top Individual Performer at SmartEdu USDP Cohort 4. This recognition led her to an internship at ADA, where she honed her skills as a business consultant in business insights and analytics. Her time at ADA wasn’t just about learning; it was a testament to her adaptability in a professional setting.

As the President of the AUPP Mental Health Awareness Club, Jiaxing led numerous initiatives. The Sporty Me Sporty You Event, organized during Mental Health Awareness Month, showcased her commitment to promoting both mental and physical health. The event was a significant milestone, marking the return to physical gatherings post-pandemic while championing holistic well-being.

Beyond her role in the mental health club, Jiaxing contributed significantly to the community. Her involvement as Co-Vice Manager in the CCSP English Teaching Program and her participation in the AUPP Business Club as the Second Runner-up Team member shows her versatile engagement in academia and extracurricular activities.

Jiaxing’s endeavors extend globally, highlighted by her participation in the Global Youth Entrepreneur Challenge (GYEC) in 2019. Currently, she is representing AUPP in the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Research Challenge, where she demonstrates her skills in the field of finance and research.

Reflecting on her proudest achievement, Jiaxing emphasizes the significance of the Sporty Me Sporty You Event. This initiative, aimed at holistic wellness and community bonding, united the community and created a sense of connection and overall well-being.

A defining experience in Jiaxing’s life occurred during her internship at Axiata Foundation Group in Malaysia. Despite grappling with physical challenges post-knee surgery, she showcased resilience and determination, excelling remarkably in her role during the entirety of her internship.

To those inspired by her journey, Jiaxing shares a profound piece of advice: “With plans, come results. With results, come satisfaction.” Her words encapsulate the essence of goal-setting, hard work, and the rewarding nature of accomplishment.

Jiaxing Lao’s story is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, passion, and a relentless pursuit of both personal and communal goals. Her journey at AUPP serves as an inspiration for students striving to make an impact within and beyond their academic realms.

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