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The University of Arizona

Partnership With the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona (UA) is ranked in the top 100 in the world (ARWU). As a major research university with a global reach, the UA is making US degrees available to students who would not otherwise be able to go to the US. UA has selected AUPP as its first partner in Southeast Asia, and its only partner in Cambodia, due to AUPP’s high quality academics, facilities, faculty, and of course students. UA’s program with AUPP in Phnom Penh is approved by the Higher Learning Commission in the United States.

This partnership between AUPP and UA allows students in Cambodia to earn US accredited dual degree programs without having to travel to the US. The University of Arizona maintains a physical presence on the campus of AUPP so that students, faculty, and staff have an in-person liaison with the UA’s main campus that helps administer the three UA dual degrees on site. Importantly, these are not online degrees; students are learning course content in person from both UA and AUPP professors.

Students enrolling in the AUPP/UA dual degree can earn both an AUPP degree and an internationally recognized UA degree in Business Administration, Law, or Civil Engineering. These majors were selected by AUPP because of UA’s high rankings in each discipline, and are offered in a hybrid learning environment.

The UA’s Eller College of Management is in the top 10 of US public university business schools, and the Business Administration major is currently the most popular option at AUPP. The Eller College is well known for experiential learning and for its wide ranging network of alumni. Students in this program will, upon graduation, join the worldwide business network of Eller alums and have opportunities to pursue further education through the UA.

The UA’s James E. Rogers College of Law is in the top 50 law schools in the US, and was the first US university to offer a BA in Law. The College of Law’s rigorous and high quality curriculum is in demand both in the US and internationally. Students in the dual degree will learn both the civil and common law systems, allowing them to work in the legal field for both domestic and international organizations, companies, and firms.

UA Resources

UA resources are not just limited to students in the dual degree programs. All AUPP students, regardless of major, are able to enroll in a 1 credit free course each year where they will learn about accessing online resources, the American system of higher education, and making the most of their university experience. Students enrolled in this course also get access to the University of Arizona library system, UA online tutoring, and other resources from the University of Arizona.

Other opportunities for AUPP students of all majors to connect with the University of Arizona include joint club projects with UA students, study abroad and exchange programs, and co-convened courses.

How do I sign-up for an AUPP/UA dual degree?

1. Submit an application for admission to the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP).

  • CLICK HERE for the application. Students must be admitted to AUPP in order to apply to a dual degree program with the University of Arizona.

2. Complete all prerequisite coursework at AUPP.

  • Typically, it will take approximately 2 years to satisfy all required prerequisite coursework. These credits are pre-articulated and will be transferred to UA as part of the dual degree program. In order for credits to transfer from the American University of Phnom Penh to the University of Arizona, a student must receive a grade of at least a C–.
  • If applicants have coursework from other universities or credit by examination (IB or AP scores, for example), they must submit official transcripts, or scores to UA at the designated time of application to the dual degree program.

3. Apply to the UA Dual Degree program (in year 3).

  • Students will be admitted to UA Dual Degree programs starting in the junior (3rd) year of study.

UA Micro-Campus Network and Dual Degree Programs

The University of Arizona has an extensive network of existing and developing micro-campuses and dual degree programs, such as UA Phnom Penh. Students can earn dual degrees from their local universities and from the UA. Academic programs at these campuses are delivered in collaboration with the partner university and are co-taught by UA and local professors. Students can also spend time at other micro-campuses> within the network to complete their degrees.

For more information about the University of Arizona’s Micro Campus Network, CLICK HERE.

UA Law Program

Since its founding in 1915, University of Arizona Law has offered one of the nation’s best legal educations. Together with the faculty, students, alumni, the legal profession, the UA James E. Rogers College of Law is exploring new paths for the sake of advancing legal education and the legal profession. With the launch of the BA in Law, the University of Arizona is creating a new class of legal professional that is trained for the modern workforce and a variety of careers that require a strong legal foundation.

Click here Bachelors of Arts in Law for more details about the UA Law degree program.

UA Business Administration Program

The undergraduate programs offered by the UA’s Eller College of Management are among the top programs in the United States. Eller’s diverse student population and academic programs create a unique experience for each student. These programs are accredited by the AACSB. 

Click here Bachelors of Science in Business Administration for more details about the UA Business degree program.

UA Admissions

For more information about international admissions at one of University of Arizona’s Micro Campuses, CLICK HERE.

UA Resources

For information regarding International Baccalaureate (IB) exam scores (as well as Advanced PlacementCambridge InternationalCollege-Level Examination Program, and DSST exam scores) as a basis for awarding credit toward a degree, please CLICK HERE.

For additional information regarding International Admissions, the Micro Campus Network, International Student Services, and other resources please take a look at one of these links:

UA Contact Information

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Assistant Vice President – Southeast & South Asian Affairs
Arizona Global

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UA Phnom Penh Location Manager
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