Diana J. Haladay

Diana J. Haladay

Position: Professor
Department: Business – Academic Affairs

Dr. Diana J. Haladay has two achievements that she is proud of—both for different reasons.  The first is receiving the MBA Professor of the Year Award, at the Canadian University of Dubai, in 2014. She feels honored to have received this award as she believes that her ability to motivate and help student grow and learn in order to make their dreams a reality is her primary responsibility as a professor.  This award confirmed that she was able to relate to her students on a meaningful level.

The second achievement that Dr. Haladay is also proud of is receiving the Best Conference Paper Award at the 2016 International Conference on Business, Education, Engineering and Sciences, Dubai, UAE. Research is critical to generating new knowledge, cutting edge knowledge, and it was very rewarding to have this research acknowledged as such. 

Dr. Haladay believes that the best education is a journey of self-discovery that engages the whole student in the process.  It is a journey of meaning-making that requires students to learn how to define purpose, values, and ethics critically, reflectively, and rationally. In business education, this journey is informed by theories and practices, with the best of these being those that provide a complex and systemic understanding of management and leadership at the intersection of the social, economical, political, and ethical systems of the world. 

She also believes that the most valuable education is transformative and adaptiveSince critical thinking and reflection are the keystones of these two approaches to learning, she strives to create a dynamic, interactive classroom where a wide variety of learning and experiential opportunities challenge students to find their own voices and hone both their critical thinking and reflective skills.

Dr. Haladay believes that it is important for students to see themselves and their organizations as encompassing a universal system of stakeholders where all divergent opinions are respected and where everyone has an ethical imperative to act morally and with integrity.  Her hope is that her approach to teaching instills a life-long love of learning in her students that results in a global mindset based on inclusiveness, critical thinking, and moral responsibility. 

Dr. Haladay was born to travel. As a child growing up in a small town in the USA, her only dream was to travel to all the “foreign and exotic” places she read about and saw on TV.  She has been to over 70 countries so far and still hope to visit the polar bears in the Arctic and the Penguins in Antarctica.  One wonderful thing about COVID 19 is that she has had a chance to hike and visits so many historical and beautiful places in Cambodia, such as the Chrew waterfalls, the Pyramids, Phnom Kulen National Park, and Ba Phnom Mountain. Hiking around Cambodia has been a real gift.

  • Ph.D. Human and Organizational Systems, Leadership Development concentration – Fielding Graduate University
  • M.A. Organizational Development – Fielding Graduate University
  • M.B.A. – Simmons College School of Management
  • B.S. Education, English concentration – Indiana State University

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