Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS)

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies at AUPP brings an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to the study of Southeast Asia at a time of rapid changes in the regional and geo-political landscape. In our complex world, never have global citizenship based on cross-cultural understanding been more important.

The Southeast Asian Studies Minor

Featuring CSEAS scholars from around the world as visiting professors at AUPP, the CSEAS Minor emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to explore the pressing concerns of the region through arts and culture, economics, politics, law, and environmental studies.

The Research Hub

The center welcomes faculty, scholars, and graduate students to become affiliates to CSEAS at AUPP while undertaking independent research in Cambodia, and provides office space, access to academic resources and networks, and opportunities for public presentations. 

Academic Exchanges

Targeted to undergraduate students outside of Cambodia, CSEAS at AUPP can help to arrange for academic study at AUPP and semester, year-long or summer exchanges.


CSEAS at AUPP can assist in the design and delivery of academic study tours in Cambodia and throughout the region, ensuring study trips are of the highest academic quality and immersion experiences promote cross-cultural understanding. Faculty from visiting institutions can also contact the center about the use of AUPP’s state-of-the-art teaching facilities.

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