Covid-19 Information

Information from AUPP about the novel coronavirus disease Covid-19.


Email from the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs to Students March 16, 2020; Subject: AUPP closing the campus

Dear students
Following advice from the government, and consultations with the President and senior advisors, we will be closing the campus from this afternoon.  Please finish your current lessons and head off home.  Initially, consider the closure as being for two weeks, but it may turn out to be longer. Your professors will be in touch shortly about how you will be continuing your courses. There will be no classes at 1.20 or for the rest of this afternoon.
Keep tuned to your email.
Best wishes to you all.  Stay safe and look after each other.

Email from the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs to Students – March 14, 2020; Subject: AUPP Classes

Dear students
At times of crisis and widespread anxiety, it is important we stay calm and act rationally.  We have a responsibility to our families, friends and the wider community to avoid heightening concerns or exaggerating the risks.

I would encourage you to not bounce emails or social media messages around unless you are promoting calm and official advice. Otherwise you are in danger of causing unnecessary anxiety to others and perhaps heightening your own.

There is also no need to send me special appeals to keep the campus open or to close the campus.  Our decision will be taken calmly and in consideration of all the circumstances and following government advice.

For several weeks now, indeed from before the current health concerns became widespread in Cambodia, AUPP has prepared for different possibilities. As you know, our campus is cleaned daily with work surfaces disinfected.  We have first aid facilities and hand cleaning materials in accordance with medical advice.  We have always had signs urging the washing of hands and we have increased that signage.  Face masks are available to those who want them.  We have a no contact thermometer for anyone who thinks they may have a fever and we know the government protocols to be followed should we need to do so.  We have advised and continue to advise anyone feeling unwell to stay home.

In different parts of the country and in different sections of education in Phnom Penh decisions have been made in accordance to the circumstances of those areas / those institutions.  AUPP will be making its decisions in response to our circumstances and, as always, following the advice of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.  Always, but especially at times like this, it is important to show respect to government expertise and guidance, rather than take arbitrary decisions.

At AUPP our preparation has included the readying by our excellent teachers to teach by distance should the government ask HE institutions to close.  We will not however switch to that mode until a decision to close the campus operation. That decision may come soon, it may come next week, it may come later or it may not come at all.  Please pay attention to messages from the President or me on this.  Until official communication, you should expect to have classes.

Over the rest of the semester we will continue to provide excellent AUPP education.  An important part of a good education is to learn to act rationally, stay calm and encourage friends to remain calm, care for each other, and to work together following the best advice.

Best wishes as always,

Health Bulletin March 2, 2020
  1. AUPP management continues to monitor the situation with regard to the Covid-19 coronavirus and will follow any instructions issued by the government, and medical advice.
  2. Hand sanitizer dispensers are located next to the lifts on every floor. Please don’t carry them off no matter how special you consider your needs to be.  Take the hands that need sanitizing to the dispenser rather than vice-versa.
  3. Our cleaning staff continue to wipe clean work surfaces and study surfaces with disinfectant daily. Lift buttons are also wiped twice a day.
  4. Remember – the washing of hands is the best single step for everyone to take to prevent the spread of disease.  Use soap to remove dirt and then rinse your hands thoroughly under running water for 20 seconds (or … the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday). Rinsing thoroughly is key to washing away any viruses. Dry your hands well with a disposable towel, then use that towel to turn off the tap before throwing it away.
  5. Rely on government and WHO websites for news. This is a link to the WHO website.

Health Bulletin – January 31, 2020
  1. AUPP management continues to monitor the situation with regard to the Wuhan
    coronavirus and will follow any instructions issued by the government, and medical
  2. The benefits of the following will now be observed on campus:
    a. Hand sanitizer available next to the elevators on every floor.
    b. Tissues in every classroom.
    c. Masks available for staff and any student who is unable to obtain them
    elsewhere, but our supplies are limited.
    d. All work and study surfaces are wiped daily with disinfectant.
  3. The university continues to encourage the washing of hands as the best single step for
    everyone to take to prevent the spread of disease.
  4. Faculty have been briefed to inform students that any penalties within the grading
    scheme of a course are to be relaxed vis-à-vis the current concerns. Students who are
    unwell should know that they should stay home and that this will not have a negative
    impact on any grades as long as learning targets are achieved.
  5. Faculty have been advised that contingency plans are in place should the situation
  6. A planned visit by students from Ocean University in China has been cancelled.
  7. There will be a health briefing for all AUPP students and employees provided by medical staff of the Prestige Hospital on Monday at 12.30. Details are as follows:

American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP)

3 Feb 2020 (Monday)
Time: 12.30 to 13.30 hours
Room: B2

SARS Experience by Dr, Christopher Tay

Corona Virus Information & Self-Protective measures by Dr. Ling and Ms. Serene

Question and answers


No known cases among any AUPP students, faculty or staff


All courses have changed to an online format.  Your instructor will provide more information.


Monday, 12:00 PM March 16, 2020 – In-class instruction has been changed to online instruction.

Monday, 8:00 AM March 16, 2020 – All students, faculty and staff will have their body temperature checked upon arrival to the AUPP Campus.

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