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Congratulations to the AUPP team on being the Best Report and First Runner Up Team in the CFA Research Challenge, Season 4

Congratulations to the AUPP team (Lim Sokunthea, May Solisa, Nguon Kim, Ros Rithpanha, and San Kimsorng) on being the Best Report and First Runner Up Team in the CFA Research Challenge, Season 4.

“CFA Research Challenge is a global competition held annually by CFA societies across 91 countries that provides university students with intensive training and mentoring sessions on financial modeling and equity research as well as the professional code of ethics for equity analysts. With the intensive and competitive nature of the competition, it is our honor to represent AUPP and participate in the CFA Research Challenge, Season 4, and be awarded as a First Runner Up team and the Best Report team.

In Cambodia particularly, the Cambodia Community of Investment Professionals under the leadership of Madam Ratana has successfully led and organized this competition for 4 seasons now, including this year. In this 5-month long journey, our team has carried out equity research, collected and studied financial data, conducted financial modeling, stock valuations, risks assessments, crafted our equity research report, and delivered our presentations to graders and judges who are highly experienced and highly professional individuals in their field.

On top of being able to expand our knowledge horizon on the Cambodia Securities and Exchange Market, we have undoubtedly gained many more valuable experiences such as developing our professional skills, teamwork skills, analytical skills, and more. We are also very privileged to be able to expand our network with many remarkable and outstanding individuals in the financial sector, receive on-hand training from experienced personnel, our industry mentor and special mentor, and come to a full realization of the value of teamwork, in which there is a saying that we could not agree more to “Teamwork makes the dream works”.

We would highly encourage our juniors and university students, specifically in the field of business or finance to participate in the CFA Research Challenge, as it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we hope that it will help to transform your view on the future of our financial market, as it did to ours.

In case you are in doubt with yourself, we have a quote from us to you “The Peak Has Yet to Come.””- CFA SS4 AUPP Team, 2022

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